Corporate Resource Centre

Apeejay Education has a vibrant Corporate Resource Centre (CRC). Its primary goal is to maintain a strong network between industry and institute and to thrive for personality development of the students in accordance with industry standards.

CRC maintains a good corporate relationship with a large number of enterprises, industrial collaborations, and well-known technical and corporate brands, and works    diligently to provide students with the best career opportunities. It has been sourcing job opportunities by matching students’ domain specialisation and interests to the various job openings. This association evolves through co-ordinating industry trainings, workshops, presentations, joint research, joint project assignments, guest lectures, internships, and ultimately yielding onto placement opportunities.

CRC stimulates academic entrepreneurship, funding research on new ideas and emerging technologies, and managing the Institution’s/University’s strategic investments.

CRC functions under the tutelage of a professor who can easily co-relate industrial and student requirements. CRC is committed to expedite its students with the best possible industry interface