Parent Speak

Co-curricular activities at Apeejay brings a lot of interest in my child to learn basic concepts. The greatest part about Apeejay is their emphasis on the fundamental years of learning, up to class V. The contemporary curriculum does wonders for youngsters in terms of clarifying fundamental concepts without forcing them to memorise. Apeejay places special emphasis on 'extra-curricular' activities.

Rakhi Chugh

Parent of Ahana Chugh -Student of class VII at Apeejay School, Faridabad

When it comes to the personality development of a child, Apeejay is one of the best. Apeejay International School, Greater Noida has given my children the right platform to showcase their talents and made them more confident today.. When she joined the school, she hesitated to speak or participate in extra-curricular activities, but I could observe a gradual change in her personality. She has always been appreciated by her teachers. She is now the head girl of her class. Overall, I have seen a lot of improvement in her.

Alok Singh

Father of Akshita and Arindam Singh- Apeejay International School, Greater Noida

As a shy child, Meera was a little hesitant when she entered Apeejay International School, Greater Noida, but in due course of time she developed an interest in learning. I have also heard positive feedback from teachers on her progress during parent-teacher’s meeting sessions. What I found commendable is the “Citizen Awakening Programme” that pledges to teach children how to be good human beings. The students are given worksheets every week to recap the lessons.

Swati Kain

Mother of Meera Balwaria- Class II

We chose the school for the admission of our children due to its close proximity to our residence and it also has great brand value. In comparison to other schools, the Principal and teachers of Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad are easily accessible. Since both of us are working, we couldn’t spend much time with our children. The teachers would conduct extra classes for my children even at 10 in the night and would always call us up and keep a check on Kavish and Girisha. Our children are always excited about going to school.

Mr Pramod Kumar and Mrs Deepmala

Parents of Kavish (Class II) and Girisha (Class IV)

The school has an excellent environment and is close to our home, which adds as a brownie point in choosing the right school for Avnoor. Furthermore, the school is located outside of the major city, making it quite safe for our child. The professors are excellent mentors. They are conducting lessons on time. In reality, there is never a delay in uploading daily classwork and verifying assignments on the class WhatsApp group. As a consequence of their excellent guidance, the students develop a strong interest in their studies. Avnoor is doing great. She recites poetry in English beautifully. Her hobbies include sketching and dancing.

Davinder Singh

Father of Avnoor Kaur (Class Nursery)

Several members of my husband's family, as well as some of his acquaintances, have attended Apeejay School, Model Town. The school is known for providing quality education to all of its students. Ayaan tells me that Sakshi ma’am, incharge, who teaches them Science is a lovely teacher. All the students listen to her class with full interest and concentration. School authorities have patiently and actively listen to our feedback – value them and that is the best thing about Apeejay.

Mukti Arora

Mother of Ayaan Arora (Class VII)

Unlike other schools, students of Apeejay don’t get burdened under the weight of academics. The school focuses on the overall growth of the child. The academics and extracurricular activities are given equal weightage. As you know, extracurricular activities aid in the development of self-esteem and confidence. We don’t want our children to be bookworms. Thankfully, both my children perform with confidence and poise on stage. Gurvir and Gurshaan are so much in love with the school that they are eagerly waiting for the school to reopen. They have been consistently recording nearly 100 per cent attendance since joining the school. Teachers are giving their 100 per cent and are always available to clear doubts of parents. Finally, I would like to commend the staff for always being polite with parents and students.

Ajit Pal Singh and Rajinder Kaur

Parents of Gurvir (Class VI) and Gurshaan (Class III)

While Kabir got shortlisted in a lot of schools in South Delhi, we found Apeejay to be the best among them. One of my colleagues, whose child is also studying in the same school, gave me very good feedback about the infrastructure. Apeejay School has a very good reputation, especially in academics. My son’s teacher Meenakshi Soni ma’am gives individual attention to the students; she interacts with all of them. What I like the most is how the teachers of Apeejay teach through stories and rhymes which piques children’s interest in learning. Kabir can now read a complete storybook all by himself, which is an exceptional achievement for a child who is just in nursery. The credit goes to the curriculum which helps children grasp reading and writing skills faster. I have seen a tremendous change in my child’s personality in terms of his communication skills, reading and writing skills, and more. My acquaintances often wonder which school my child is studying in and I can proudly tell them it is Apeejay.

Deepa Arora

Mother of Kabir (Nursery)

After getting numerous positive feedback from my friends and reading the online reviews about the school, we chose Apeejay Kharghar for the admission of both our daughters. The school has great infrastructure. It conducts a plethora of extra-curricular activities for the all-round development of the students. The school is providing my daughters, Aditi and Ananya with many opportunities to get involved in the activities they conduct throughout the academic year. Aditi is also a part of the school’s musical group. Due to the rigorous activities, her confidence level has increased manifold. The teaching methodology here is wonderful. It’s not just about teaching from the books. The teachers here get the students involved in various activities and that helps them to understand concepts very well. Students are also given mini projects which they can handle themselves. It’s all about experiential learning at Apeejay Kharghar.

Ashish Raiker

Father of Aditi Raiker (Class VIII) and Ananya Raiker (Class V)

Natalya started her formal schooling in year 2016 when she joined this esteemed school for her Nursery class. I must say the way pre-primary department provided a complete child-friendly environment that is safe, secure, and caring is exemplary. Unfortunately, Natalya was hardly in class II when pandemic hit the whole world. As a parent, we were so worried how to go about her school, but school management and teachers were quite proactive and innovative to start online schooling bang on time. I want to mention that Apeejay School, Noida strikes a balance between academic and extracurricular activities, every child gets equal opportunity to participate in various activities. During all these years, apart from academics, Natalya got opportunity to participate in various activities, whether within school or inter-school. This kind of exposure has helped her in overall personality development. So, I can say this confidently with first-hand experience that if a child is being nourished the way Apeejay School Noida does, every child will do wonders. Just want to thank all teachers and school management as Natalya is turning out to be a confident girl with strong moral values. With constant encouragement and guidance from all teachers, I am sure she will surely excel in all spheres of life. Thank you!

Bharti Koul Bansal

Mother of Natalya Agarwal (Class V-E)

The kind of education Apeejay provides and the way the school authorities take care of a child is exceptional. They are academically focused. The way a teacher interacts with my daughter is quite friendly. My daughter always wants to go to school. The interaction between the teachers and the students is superb at Apeejay School, Nerul. I have the impression that our children are in good care. Child safety is a top priority for the school.

Mr. Rajesh Om Prakash

Father of Preksha Sharma (Class IX)

My husband is an alumnus of Apeejay School so he was quite aware of the group ethos and the quality of education that’s being imparted in Apeejay schools. Overall, he had a great learning experience at school. Hence, it was an easy decision to go with Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld- GK II. Prior to Rishaan’s admission, we had a healthy interaction with the teachers and Principal, Ms. Komal Nathani, and we were assured by the faculty that the school will take care of all aspects of my child’s development. I am happy to see the positive work being done on the ground. Rishaan is in a great space, he hasn’t cried even once while going to the school. He has slowly begun to recognize, comprehend and speak new words. He has also become more open and confident while mingling with others. He is doing a lot of activities like dancing, speech therapy, colouring, painting, etc. Talking about teachers, they keep us in loop about the progress made by kids and are readily available to answer our queries.

Tandrani Chatterjee

Mother of Rishaan Bhattacharya

I was strongly inclined towards Apeejay since both the daughters of my elder sister were already enrolled there. Since we are a close-knit family, I thought it would be better if all the three children studied in the same school. I am glad Apeejay, too, displayed tremendous flexibility and we went ahead with the admissions. From my experience, I can say that the school is very good. I strongly believe that the combined efforts of parents and teachers result in the overall development of a child. Tejas has been consistently among the class toppers. He used to have slight hesitancy in performing on stage, but over the years he has overcome his stage-fear. Tejas was in Nursery when he developed an eye problem. I remember how her class teacher Ms. Seema was so concerned about his well-being that she even recommended a good doctor for him. I feel Apeejay School, Faridabad is a great school because of its faculty. They are very cooperative and understanding. You get a prompt reply whenever you call or message teachers. I have never heard teachers complaining that ‘don’t disturb us after school hours.

Praveen Bhatia

Father of Tejas (Class VII)

My sole purpose has always been to raise my children as good human beings and I was happy to see Apeejay International School, Greater Noida focusing on this aspect. The way teachers take care of my children makes me feel that they are in safe hands. The communication skills and confidence levels of my children have also improved under the tutelage of Apeejay International School, Greater Noida. I feel Apeejay is one of the best schools I would have opted for my children.

Sapna Verma

Mother of Shaurya and Suryansh